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Our law firm has the expertise needed to set up companies and draft all the official documents connected with corporate life. We advise you on the choice of the appropriate form of company with a view to the development of your ideas and business projects under the best possible conditions. We are used to writing complex articles of association. We are able to draw up regulations on company organisation designed to maintain harmonious relations between shareholders, management and investors.

We help you to increase your company’s share capital to permit further investments. We guide you through the conversion or merger of your company, in particular to facilitate its entrepreneurial development. We can arrange the acquisition of a business in Swiss law and enable you to manage such transactions and their consequences efficiently. We are used to managing relations between a company and its shareholders and investors.

We are able to draft shareholder agreements and investment agreements effectively because we know all the pitfalls and advantages. For further information on your particular situation, please contact us.

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The company is a point where many different interests converge: those of the shareholders, managers, employees and investors. A lawyer knows how to differentiate between these varied and often contradictory interests. Retained by his client, he is best placed to defend that client’s positions and safeguard his prerogatives. Wilhelm Gilliéron Attorneys-at-Law is backed by over 20 years’ experience of advising entrepreneurs.

Wilhelm Gilliéron Attorneys-at-Law is familiar with the benefits and drawbacks of every form of company in Swiss law. The choice of the right legal form for a company at the very outset is imperative to make the right provision for its long-term viability.

The shareholders’ agreement is vital because it defines the roles of the associates, relations between them and the relevant rules. The expertise and well-informed advice of our experienced lawyers will enable you to assess and anticipate points of future disagreement; that in turn will help to secure the stability of your company and safeguard your investment.

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