Tenancy law


Whether from the point of view of the owner, the management or the tenant, who may be a natural person but also a legal entity, the legal relationship between the landlord and the tenant is becoming increasingly complex and subject to disputes or litigation. These disputes are very diverse and may be related to the amount of the rent, the subject of the lease, any defects, renovations or work on the rented property, etc.


As lawyers, we are accustomed to managing these issues, not only upstream, in order to prevent them from arising or to minimize the risks, but also downstream when the problem arises.


We also have a good knowledge of court practices and can support and advise you throughout the entire phase of the contractual relationship. Naturally, we successfully represent our clients before the courts in tenancy law disputes. For further information on this subject, please contact our law firm.

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Tenancy law
Tenancy law
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Tenancy law
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Tenancy law
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