Litigation in commercial law


Commercial law disputes may arise between shareholders and affect the company, between shareholders and members of the board of directors, or between the company and its creditors.


These disputes can be very costly for a company. They can mean the end of the company.


Our lawyers know how to create a climate of negotiation that allows such disputes to be anticipated or in the context of negotiations or alternative dispute resolution.


If legal action is unavoidable, our lawyers know how to advise the company’s bodies in the development of a strategy to achieve the best possible result while placing the procedure to be conducted within a clear economic framework corresponding to the financial capacities of the company concerned.


We can intervene before all the civil courts in French-speaking Switzerland or before arbitration bodies, both in Switzerland and internationally. (ICC, Swiss Rules of arbitration).

FAQ about Litigation in commercial law

  • Disputes between shareholders;
  • Liability actions against members of the board of directors or the auditors;
  • Action for nullity or annulment of a decision of the General Meeting of Shareholders or a decision of the Board of Directors;
  • Action for the appointment of a special auditor;
  • Action for the restitution of benefits wrongly received by members of the Board of Directors.
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