Litigation in contract law


At all stages of the contractual relationship and whatever the nature of the contract, disputes and legal proceedings are becoming more and more numerous and complex.


As a lawyer, procedure is at the heart of our profession and we can accompany and assist you throughout the process. We can implement a legal strategy to enable you to assert your rights in court or to defend you against the claims of a commercial or contractual partner, an employee, an employer, a tenant, a landlord etc., before all the courts in French-speaking Switzerland or before all arbitration bodies, both in Switzerland and internationally.


However, we are keen to analyse your situation from an economic point of view beforehand, in order to avoid you having to embark on a long, costly and sometimes unnecessary procedure. We also know how to assist you in resisting actions and procedures to enable you to safeguard your interests and find a fair transactional solution or a favourable judgement.

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