Corporate restructuring

Any company cannot escape the risks associated with a decline in its activities reflected in its financial statements and a liquidity crisis. Our lawyers assist the board of directors in taking the necessary decisions to enable the company to comply with its legal obligations in such a period of crisis.

Our lawyers advise the board of directors or the managers in the organization of its meetings in the event of an over-indebtedness or liquidity crisis. Our lawyers can draw up court applications in the event of a notice of over-indebtedness for the purpose of obtaining a debt-restructuring moratorium, an adjournment of bankruptcy or even a bankruptcy petition. They can act as liquidators alongside administrators and in connection with issues related to the fate of employees and creditors.

In the event of bankruptcy, our lawyers advise the company in its relations with the bankruptcy office. They also assist creditors or employees in the preservation of their rights and obligations.

FAQ about Corporate restructuring

The commercial law lawyer is best able to advise his client (a company, a shareholder, a director) in taking the decisions imposed by law to help safeguard the interests of the company and its stakeholders in times of crisis. Thus, the organization of board meetings, the holding of extraordinary general meetings for negotiations with creditors in the context of private or public debt-restructuring moratoriums under the aegis of a court-appointed commissioner, must be carefully prepared in advance by specialized lawyers.

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