Expertise Commercial Law


Wilhelm Gilliéron Attorneys-at-Law Corp. advises economic actors on the legal aspects of their entrepreneurial projects.

We like to intervene at an early stage, during the conception of these projects, to ensure the compliance of these projects with existing legal rules and not only to limit damages when the crisis has occurred.

Our lawyers understand entrepreneurs and guide them in the legal structuring of their businesses. In particular, they advise them in choosing the most suitable legal form when setting up their company, in drafting the most important contracts, such as shareholders’ agreements, contracts with investors and key business partners.


The lawyers of Wilhelm Gilliéron Attorneys-at-Law Corp. also follow and advise company managers and shareholders in the social life of the company, in particular during financing or investment rounds.


They have the necessary skills and experience to advise these managers in setting up profit-sharing plans for key employees or partners of the company.


They can advise managers in the restructuring of their company and in the reorganization of their company in the event of an economic crisis, in the form of reorganization measures that can avoid bankruptcy.


They also advise the organs of the company in taking the necessary measures to enable the company to comply with its obligations in the event of financial or balance sheet difficulties.

Christophe Wilhelm, Head of Commercial Law

Company law is subtle and cannot be improvised. With more than twenty years of experience in analyzing the legal relationships between the various players in a company, we know how to advise them usefully in order to make their organization not only compliant with the law but also the most legally efficient.

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