La question de la sous-location fait de plus en plus parler d’elle. Elle a fait l’objet de discussions des chambres et l’Assemblée fédérale a adopté, le 29 septembre 2023, une modification de l’article 262 du Code des Obligations (CO) concernant la sous-location. Elle est de plus en plus fréquente en Suisse et notamment dans les […]

The law of tenancy was again in the news at the beginning of this month with the following headline: “The National makes flowers to the owners in the law of tenancy”. But what is it realy ?

As a preliminary point, it should be recalled that, although the National Council has indeed accepted two projects aiming, according to some, to “toughen the law of tenancy“, these two objects must still be submitted to the Council of States for a decision. This has not yet been done and the two projects are therefore […]

Coronavirus and tenancy law

A new decision by a Zurich court “partially” admits a restaurant owner’s claim for a reduction of the rent due to the covid situation and the ordered closures of public establishments. One year ago, the undersigned presented a decision of 23 April 2021, also by a Zurich court, in proceedings for the release of the […]