Brexit – what consequences for the Lugano Convention?

The Lugano Convention governs the jurisdiction, recognition and enforcement of judgments in civil and commercial matters in cases between parties domiciled or having their seat in different Member States. The Lugano Convention not only determines the jurisdiction of the authorities, but above all facilitates the recognition and enforcement in Switzerland of civil judgments rendered in […]

Some details on the different modalities for the distribution of dividends by a corporation under Swiss law

Dividends can be broadly classified into the following categories: ordinary dividends, extraordinary dividends, interim dividends and dividend advances. What is the legality under Swiss law of these various dividend distributions? In any case, the following basic rules must be respected: The special case of extraordinary, interim and advance dividends: As defined above, extraordinary dividends are […]

Shareholders must negotiate the right to obtain information

We pointed out previously that shareholders do not benefit from an extensive right to be kept informed of the affairs of the company in which they are shareholders. Article 697 of the Swiss Code of Obligations (CO) only gives them that right to a limited extent, i.e. for the affairs of the company, but only […]