Artificial intelligence (AI) and copyright: an overview of recent cases

Since 2023, AI has been monopolizing discussions and monopolizing the spoken word, sweeping everything in its path like a tidal wave. While the questions are multiplying, the answers are few and far between. The development and use of these tools has become a priority for companies, who rightly see it as a turning point that […]

The Court of Justice of the European Union rules on joint controllers’ liability

In case C-683/21, handed down on December 5, 2023, the Court of Justice of the European Union clarified the concept and scope of joint controllers’ liability. I.          Facts In March 2020, the National Public Health Center at the Lithuanian Ministry of Health (NVSC) had commissioned a company with the task of developing a traceability application for […]

Data protection and the liberal professions: not so complicated

On 10 June 2021, the Italian data protection authority fined a dentist € 20,000 on the grounds that the dentist had refused to treat a patient with the HIV virus without having clearly stated that such disclosure could lead to a refusal of treatment, and not only to consequences as to the possible treatment. While […]

Data protection training: WEKA trusts us!

We feel honored that WEKA (a leading company in the field of knowledge management and legal training) trusted us by inviting Philippe Gilliéron to train the internal teams of CARITAS Suisse Romande in data protection. Receiving a basic training in data protection and having solid guidelines to set up a data protection management program in one day is […]

Healthcare and data : what is the applicable regulatory framework?

At the request of OneTrust DataGuidance, Philippe Gilliéron recently provided an analysis of the Swiss regulatory framework for data processing in the healthcare industry. His 25-page contribution can be found here (subject to trial registration):  Philippe Gilliéron | DataGuidance