The EU AI Act – 3 : High-Risk AI Systems

Although GPAIs models have understandably drawn significant recent attention, including in the final rounds of negotiations having led to the adoption of the EU AI Act, as detailed in our second paper of this series, high risk systems lie at the core of the EU AI Act. The placing on the market, putting into service, […]

The EU AI Act – Subject matter and scope

The EU AI Act, Droit AI Lausanne Suisse

This is the first of our series papers related to the EU AI Act. On February 4th, 2024, EU countries gave crucial final nod to the first-of-a-kind Artificial Intelligence Law as Luca Bertuzzi put it. As stated by Luca Bertuzzi, “The European Parliament’s Internal Market and Civil Liberties Committees will adopt the AI rulebook on […]

Artificial intelligence (AI) and copyright: an overview of recent cases

Since 2023, AI has been monopolizing discussions and monopolizing the spoken word, sweeping everything in its path like a tidal wave. While the questions are multiplying, the answers are few and far between. The development and use of these tools has become a priority for companies, who rightly see it as a turning point that […]

Metaverse: meta…what?

On October 28, 2021, Mark Zuckerberg announced the change of Facebook’s name to Meta, underlining on this occasion in a keynote speech the efforts that the group intends to devote to the Metaverse. Whether you love or hate Zuckerberg, his interest in the Metaverse means that you can’t dismiss this phenomenon out of hand. What […]

Publication of Philippe Gilliéron in

We are pleased to inform you about the publication on of the paper authored by Philippe Gilliéron, entitled “The setting up of a data breach response plan”. You shall find the publication here: L’établissement d’un plan de réponse en cas de faille de sécurité – Please take note that, although the paper is released […]

Website development : ouch, I don’t even own the copyrights !

Whatever your activities are, it is difficult to conceive today that you deploy them without having created a website. Whether this site is a simple showcase or whether it is intended to enable e-commerce, its development will generally be entrusted to an agency or a freelance. It is then better to take the time to […]

The scammers failed to get us

We had recently a run-in with scammers and we consider us as lucky not to have been trapped. Although we scrutinize our emails very closely and we have an important experience in recognizing spams, we recently received a message form a certain “English Company” asking for our legal assistance in collecting the balance due on […]