Philippe Gilliéron has accumulated over 20 years in intellectual property and tech related law practice. Doctor in Law (Ph.D.) from Lausanne Law School, J.S.M. (class of ’06) of Stanford Law School and Privat-Dozent from Fribourg Law School, Philippe Gilliéron has been a Professor at Lausanne Law School since 2006, respectively at Fribourg Law School since 2008 where he teaches courses on “Intellectual Property Rights”, “Intellectual Property on the Internet”, “Emerging technologies and legal issues” as well as a class related to the “Digital Transformation of the Legal Industry”. Philippe Gilliéron has further been a practicing as a domain name panelist at WIPO since 2001, solving more than 100 disputes over the years.

Before joining Wilhelm Gilliéron Avocats SA, Philippe Gilliéron has been a founding partner of TIMES Attorneys in 2015, a boutique firm which, five years after its creation, is considered one of the best IP firms in Switzerland.

Philippe Gilliéron is acknowledged as a reputable practitioner and expert in intellectual property and legal issues related to the digital transformation of the economy, including with regard to IT and privacy related matters. Considered as one of the best intellectual property expert in the French speaking part of Switzerland, a go-to person for matters at the intersection of intellectual property, technology and privacy with five books and more fifty publications in these areas of expertise, including the authoritative French commentary on Swiss intellectual property laws that he has co-edited with Prof. Jacques de Werra, Philippe Gilliéron has been listed in numerous legal guides since 2011 (including Chambers, Best Lawyers, WTR1000, Who’s Who Legal, etc.).

Described as an “extremely bright lawyer”, a “hard-working, fast, active listener, business-oriented, extremely competent lawyer that will find a solution whatever the problem”, Philippe Gilliéron’s “pragmatic and constructive approach in negotiations” has been praised on numerous occasions. Clients highlight Philippe Gilliéron’s ability to work “[…] in a pragmatic, creative and cost-efficient manner. […]”, and view him as a lawyer who “[…] proposes reasonably priced and innovative options and someone who is extremely interested in resolving issues to the best interest of his client. Philippe is the perfect lawyer with which to develop a mutually valuable long-term partnership.

Over the years, Philippe Gilliéron has assisted numerous companies ranging from start-ups to multinational companies on both contentious (IP and commercial contracts) and non-contentious matters (IP, IT, commercial agreements; management of TM portfolios and implementation of privacy management programs and related issues).

Qualifications, training and professional experience

From 01.07.2020

Partner Wilhelm Gilliéron Attorneys-at-law Corp.


MIT Sloan School of Management – Artificial Intelligence – Implications for Business Strategy

From 2019

Founder and President of TRAIAL Sàrl

From 2019

Board Member Schweizer Forum für Kommunikationsrecht (SF-FS)


Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM) et Certified Information of Privacy Professional/Europe (CIPP/E) (IAPP)

2015 - 2020

Founding partner of TIMES Attorneys (heading the French speaking office)

2014 - 2017

Invited Professor at Università della Svizzera Italiana (Lugano)

2013 - 2015

Partner at Troller Hitz Troller (heading the French speaking office)

From 2012

Member of the Federal Arbitration Commission for Copyrights


Founding partner at GilliéronAvocats (solo practitioner)


Privat-Dozent, Fribourg Law School

2008 - 2012

Attorney-at-Law, BCCC Avocats Sàrl (Lausanne)

From 2008

Lecturer at Fribourg Law School

From 2006

Professor at Lausanne Law School

2006 - 2012

Lecturer at Zurich Law School


Visiting Attorney, Morrison & Foerster LLP (San Francisco)

2005 - 2006

J.S.M., Stanford Law School


Vontobel Prize

2003 - 2005

Attorney-at-Law, Bourgeois Avocats (Lausanne)

2002 - 2005

Lecturer at Neuchâtel Law School

2001 - 2003

Attorney-at-Law, Lalive & Partners (Geneva)

From 2001

WIPO Domain Name Panelist


Bar Exam, Vaud (1st rank)


Dr iur., Lausanne Law School (summa cum laude, Bippert Prize, Walther Hug Prize, Lauréat University of Lausanne)


Lic. Iur., Lausanne Law School (magna com laude)


French, English, German


Ordre des Avocats Vaudois (OAV), Fédération suisse des avocats (FSA), Centre du droit de l’entreprise (CEDIDAC), Association Romande de Propriété Intellectuelle (AROPI), Institut für gewerblichen Rechtsschutz (INGRES), International Trademark Association (INTA), MARQUES, International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP)


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