Bankruptcy and debt-recovery proceedings

Collection of your claims and enforcement of your contracts are one key aspect of our skills. We work hard to enable our clients to recover their outstanding receivables by acting rapidly and effectively to deal with their debtors; we represent them in all the judicial bodies and courts, together with the bankruptcy and debt collection offices.

If you wish to intervene in a bankruptcy, we can advise you to make sure that your interests are safeguarded and enable you to avoid the pitfalls of proceedings of this type. On the other hand, we also know how to manage your interests in periods when the economy is weak and enable you to downsize your operations by seeking the protection of the courts to safeguard your economic survival and protect you from your creditors.

Please consult us before it is too late.

FAQ about Bankruptcy and debt-recovery proceedings

The debt collection company can only handle the initial stages of recovery. If the debtor refuses to pay, the case will inevitably have to be taken over by a law firm to conduct what often proves to be a long and costly legal procedure.

Wilhelm Gilliéron Attorney-at-Law Corp. knows how to advise its clients on the desirability of instigating such proceedings or of engaging in negotiations which may enable them to be avoided, while still achieving a goal that is economically acceptable to the company. If the legal route is chosen, our team knows how to take the proceedings through to completion in all the courts in French-speaking Switzerland.

It draws up a prior strategy with its clients, indicating the likely length of the proceedings and the accompanying budget after which it follows up the proceedings proactively without prolonging them unnecessarily.

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